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Now, Who Is Essential?

There is a saying that all work is honorable; whether you are the maid or the mayor, the governor or the gardener, the work you do, the service you provide, has honor. But, somewhere along the way, we forgot all

We Are One Tribe.

There is not a corner of this earth that isn’t profoundly affected by the virus. My nephew and his wife live and work at a luxury safari lodge deep in South Africa. {Instagram: matt_fly} Nothing but veld and stunning wild animals surround

Covid-19 and Living in the Time of… I Just.

If you listen to anyone who is experiencing a terrible situation (tornado, serious illness, job loss) any my-life-went-off-a-cliff moment, you will notice how often they say, I just wish, or, I just want… Suddenly, the tiniest, taken-for-granted things become the most important. Trauma concentrates