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Public Speaking Coach and Novelist


My Words of Wisdom to All the University Graduates.

Regardless of how you think your life ahead will look—it won’t.  You will achieve greater heights, feel greater joy, and suffer greater difficulties than you ever imagined. The solution is to remember that life has phases. No phase, however terrible

Here Are All the Things I Love Seeing Now.

Within days of my State closing schools and issuing stay home orders, I saw them popping up all over—chalk messages written on sidewalks. I was on my regular late afternoon walk with my little dog when I rounded a corner

It Is Time for Some New Social Manners Guidelines.

Good manners, courtesy, etiquette, social skills, call them what you want, these kindnesses are the oil that keep the wheels of our hectic world turning. But the old rules can no longer be applied. We need to devise a new set