Self-checkout: why am I doing your job? The death of customer service is the beginning of your unpaid job.

With brick & mortar stores going the way of the dinosaur, wouldn’t you think those stores would be doing everything to keep their instore customers happy?  And yet we, the paying customers, are still being forced into unpaid jobs in

Life Hack: Jewelry Storage Cards

I am one of those “systems” people. By this, I mean that I develop systems to get me through the things I find boring so that I have more time for the things I enjoy.  This quirk led me to

Three Generations, Three Accents.

The three of us sat at the table in the typical New Jersey diner. My mother, visiting from South Africa wanted to experience this quintessential setting, and I—the compliant daughter—pushed aside my dislike of diners and agreed. My own daughter,

Good Editor vs Bad Editor

We all know the cartoon image of the good angel versus the bad devil. The good angel is sweetly balanced on your right shoulder, all dressed in white, probably sporting wings and a halo may be involved. The bad devil

Like a Snake Swallowing its Tail

A review of “My Brilliant Friend”. My wrists ache. I have had them poised over my keyboard for seemingly hours, it could be days. I lost track of time. The reason I am in this achy state is because I

Beautiful Ruins, by Jess Walter

While planning a trip to the Italian Riviera, this book popped up on my very broad google search. (Full disclosure: the beautiful cover shot also drew me in!) This romantic novel, set circa 1962, dips into the world of golden-era

The Golden Rule

Many of my friends who followed “Jane’s Big Adventure: Am I in London Yet?” have wondered why I haven’t weighed in on the United Airlines debacle. Up until now, days after the event, I chose to stay quiet as I

The Ugliest Suitcase Gets There!

Gather near and learn from my troubles. Some of you followed the Great Journey to London saga. Yes, the one that started with the ELEVEN AND A HALF HOURS DELAY. (Sorry, I have become so accustomed to writing that in