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Self-checkout: why am I doing your job? The death of customer service is the beginning of your unpaid job.

With brick & mortar stores going the way of the dinosaur, wouldn’t you think those stores would be doing everything to keep their instore customers happy?  And yet we, the paying customers, are still being forced into unpaid jobs in

Life Hack: Jewelry Storage Cards

I am one of those “systems” people. By this, I mean that I develop systems to get me through the things I find boring so that I have more time for the things I enjoy.  This quirk led me to

Three Generations, Three Accents.

The three of us sat at the table in the typical New Jersey diner. My mother, visiting from South Africa wanted to experience this quintessential setting, and I—the compliant daughter—pushed aside my dislike of diners and agreed. My own daughter,