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Would you put yourself in the live-with-no-regrets category? Regrets are for the weak and wobbly who cannot simply move on / get over it. Or do you perceive regrets as having value and serving as a reminder to improve our …

My Biggest Regret and What I Learned From It. Read More »

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When we hear about someone leaving a legacy, we picture grand, important gestures. Huge endowments, scores of scholarships, life-changing inventions, or charity work benefitting millions. But, for most of us, that will never be the case. I first thought about the …

What Will Be Your Legacy? Live as You Want to Be Remembered. Read More »

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Listening, genuinely listening to someone is a difficult skill. Our olden-day world (IE: 4 weeks ago!) was perfectly constructed to ensure we never really had to listen to anybody. From the time we woke until we slept, we packed our …

Having the Time to Listen Is the Real Treasure in These Difficult Days. Read More »

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