Interview Checklist for Bergen Catholic Career Day

For College & sports scholarship interviews, internship interviews, job interviews.

As soon as you know the date of the interview:

  • Check location of interview and plan how you will get there. Plan alternate route in case of road/weather issues.
  • Establish exactly which building, which floor, which office.
  • Call and find out if there is Guest Parking. If not, ask where you should park.
  • Establish security / sign-in procedure. Do you need photo ID? How long does process take?
  • If in any doubt, do a site visit beforehand.
  • Plan to arrive in reception 15min before interview.
  • Calculate when you should leave your house.
  • Check dress code and plan outfit accordingly.
  • Examine every single item {shoes, socks, belt, etc.} for stains as well as wear and tear.
  • Repair and launder/polish as needed.
  • Set entire outfit aside until the day of interview.
  • Buy / borrow a good leather folder and decent pen. Note: no company/college branding.
  • Plan a haircut if necessary.

Night before:

  • Double-check details and outfit.
  • Set alarm/s.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.

Day of interview:

  • Eat something plain before interview. Limit caffeine.
  • Shower & shave. Make sure hair is neat and teeth & nails are clean. Avoid strong fragrances.
  • Dress. Take some cash (coins for street parking) and ID but avoid bulky wallets and bunches of keys.
  • Double check that folder contains copies of resumes/necessary paperwork, paper and pen.
  • Check travel conditions.
  • Leave in good time.

When at location:

  • Check in with receptionist. Be polite.
  • Wait in lobby. Avoid waiting in coffee shops or other “food odor” places.
  • Silence phone and stay off websites with videos or games.
  • Throw out gum and water bottles.

Once you are called in:

  • Shake hands firmly and repeat each person’s name.
  • Keep good eye contact and smile.
  • Avoid standing with hands in pockets.
  • Wait to be invited to sit.
  • If at boardroom table, folder on table. If at personal desk, keep folder on lap.
  • Sit back in chair, no slouching, feet flat on the floor.
  • Keep still. Avoid fidgeting, touching face / clothing, or bouncing legs.
  • Look at person asking questions. If a panel of people then look at questioner, but reply to everyone.
  • Know resume inside out. Eyes should remain up throughout interview portion.
  • Breathe before answering. Speak slower than normal to avoid ums and ahs.
  • When asked if you have questions, then refer to folder and take notes if necessary.

When interview ends.

  • Stand immediately when the interviewer stands.
  • Shake hands and thank everyone involved.

Once interview is over.

  • Send / email a Thank You message.
  • Ensure person’s name, title and company are accurate and that spelling is correct.

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