Life Hack: Jewelry Storage Cards

I am one of those “systems” people.

By this, I mean that I develop systems to get me through the things I find boring so that I have more time for the things I enjoy. 

One of my homemade jewelry cards.

This quirk led me to make—what I call—jewelry storage cards. (Now, I made these things decades ago, but have subsequently heard you can buy something similar.)

Although I have always grouped my jewelry by type (bracelets in one box, rings in another, earrings in a third) I found the delicate necklaces always tangled. Just when I was in rush, I’d have to stop to untangle a necklace—boring. I bought one of those ‘necklace -trees’ but didn’t love the fact I couldn’t pack it away.

I really wanted something that would keep the necklaces from tangling as well as allow them to store flat—especially when travelling.

I grabbed a piece of stiff cardboard (credit card size) and cut 2 slits on the long sides and 2 deep “V” on the short sides. Taking the end of the necklace (where the catch is) anchor it through one of the slits. Then wind most of the remainder of your necklace end-to-end through the Vs. When you get to the end of the necklace, slide that end-part through the opposite slit, and voila, your necklace is ready to store! When you next want to wear that necklace, it takes seconds to unwind. 

Jewelry cards stacked in a tin.

Once you’ve made the cards, you can stack them up and put them in a tin/box. Easy to store, easy for travel.  

Anyone else have life hacks?

2 Comments on “Life Hack: Jewelry Storage Cards

  1. What a simple yet clever idea. Can’t recall how many times I’ve spent de tangling the girls necklaces. Love it!

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